362 days later…pardon our dust

362 days later…pardon our dust

362 days later…pardon our dust

We’re remodeling.  It’s been almost a year since we followed God into the virtual world and began sharing ideas about living in grace on our website – brand new on June 2, 2016.

Since then we’ve learned:  The virtual world is big…

  • and has pirates (called “bots”)…
  • and offers relationships all over the world…
  • and is expensive…
  • and opens doors only God can lead us through…

and so, we continue to trust and lean in when He say, “Follow Me!”

I haven’t posted a new blogpost in almost three weeks.  For those who look for my posts on a regular basis, please forgive me.

We’re growing, and the entire website will be getting a “make-over” this summer.

We’re making room for “Graceology” – our brand new LLC that offers practical solutions for applying grace – as parents, as friends and families, at home, and at school.  Stay tuned for more “product” release announcements!

We’re making more changes.  I’m taking some time this summer to revise and update the ABOUT page, the LET’S WORK TOGETHER page, and the GOOD STUFF page.

More great news!  Doug and I are working together now – full time. He is the new Director of Business Development at Janet Newberry & Co.  I don’t think we could be more excited – or humbled at this opportunity.  At the same time, we’re full of questions – and wonder – and delight – and the tension that comes with new adventures.

And – we’re taking this adventure on the road!  Literally!

This road trip, one-flesh destiny travels the fun way:  in an Airstream!

We proudly introduce you to our new “home” – we’ve named her “Freedom” in honor of all that this life of grace offers us.

The destinations on our initial itinerary  include people rather than places.  We’re giddy to get to visit – and have real, face to face conversation with others who are wrestling with grace, hungry for grace, changed by grace, applying grace, and teaching us more and more about grace.

It’s cool these people happen to live in places that are also great destination spots in a life of adventure — lived for a season in an Airstream!

All this to say – thank you for your patience for waiting for consistent blog posts.

Look for posts coming on a more regular schedule when the “moving” dust begins to settle.

I’m excited to write more about “Making Adolescence History” and other ideas, such as:

“What would a deeply-satisfying summer look like?” or

“Freedom from the tyranny of a self-centered summer” or

“Oh no!  ‘I’m bored!’ is already happening…and it’s just the first week of summer!”



We’d love to hear from you – what blogpost do you wish I would write?

Thank you for your encouragement and your prayers – we love you, friends.