My Dream

My-DreamMy passion is to see education revitalized; education is about learning and working and  loving, not just performing.  Education is about connection, not perfection.  Education is about fulfillment – which never comes from achievement alone. I see a future when the idea that education exists for the primary purpose of meeting performance standards is American history – maybe in a chapter called, “Educational Emancipation.”

Hope is rising. My life’s work is to plant the seeds of fresh ideas; education exists for the purpose of meeting the needs of young persons, and equipping them to live a full and free life.

JN&C exists to build a platform that will one day build a school – John 15 Academy. It will be a school that invites children into a big and beautiful world, and teaches them to use every tool necessary to explore each horizon.

Working side by side offers young persons opportunities to learn to become adults who can be trusted and who love one another. I believe this is the bright future of education; I hope these lives will change the world.

This blog post shares my heart:  Http://www.janetnewberry.com/school-life-different/

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m Janet Newberry.  I’m crazy about my husband Doug, my family, and my friends; I love books, flowers, writing, learning to cook, gardening, and the Houston Astros! I have a weakness for pretty pens & paper, beautiful stationery, and bubble baths with candles – a fond memory now that we’re traveling in an Airstream!img_1808

Doug and I love road trips, long walks, and coffee in bed in the morning for about an hour before we have to really get up. We dream about traveling together; the adventure and beauty of the big world tugs at our hearts.

We had some great pre-marital counseling that encouraged us to pray and ask God about our “one-flesh destiny”. We believe our work with JN&C – and one day with John 15 Academy – is that destiny.

We’re having a blast!

We live within the boundaries of these core values:

  • Trust God – trust attracts God’s grace!
  • Embrace the beauty of submission
  • Live fully alive!

These strategic anchors help keep us steady:

  • Live unaffected by false traditions; be intentional about staying away from shame, blame, and fear.
  • Keep it real – “If it’s not beautiful, we don’t do it.”
  • Struggle well – “Life’s hard; it’s more fun doing hard together. Remember – It’s only going to get better!”

My Journey

I’ve spent more than 30 years in the education arena. I’ve had a front row seat watching children both struggle and grow – and watching how their families respond to their struggles. Family responses always have a significant impact on whether children learn to struggle well – or not.

About ten years ago, I wanted to find out why some children struggled well and matured in life – and others didn’t. I read and continue to do a great deal of research.  You may like to spend some time with the resources that have impacted my work the most.

My research focused on resources that taught me more about educational philosophy, theology, and neuroscience / communication pathology. I do not pretend to be a scientist or a theologian, but the connections between how God designed us to work and how we really do work fascinate me!

I applied my research in school settings and in my consulting practice; I saw miracles. I still do. You may be encouraged to read a few testimonials.

BooksMy content focuses on choices that build integrity; integrity is immunity – it helps us fight in ways that make relationships stronger – instead of divisive. These choices are:

  • Love & Grace
  • Trust & Humility
  • True identity
  • Struggle that builds strength
  • Joy & other emotions
  • Aiming at Maturity
  • Purposeful Living

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content you can use in your personal and family life. If you consider yourself a parent who wants to keep learning to struggle well, so your family grows closer in hard times instead of farther apart – then my blog may be helpful to you.

If you are an educator – or a leader in education – I’d love to hear from you if you, too, are interested in trusting grace in education.  Please contact me; I look forward to meeting you.

My Biography

I completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Houston; I was still a Houston Cougar when I earned my Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision, and received my Principal’s certification.

I earned a Certificate in High Trust Leadership from TrueFace.com ministries in 2015; this was the result of some of my most humbling, submitted, and life-giving work. My relationship with TrueFace is still a major lifeline for me.

My 30+ years of experience in public and private schools includes teaching and administration. I learned the most as a teacher and Principal at Amblesidefredericksburg.com . My year as Grammar School Principal at Providence Classical School provided many lessons as well.

My Family

Doug and I have been married for four + years; together we have four daughters and one son. The grandchildren just keep coming. . . much to our delight! We live in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

We are members of BayouCityFellowship.com in Cypress, Texas. If you are ever close by and want an incredible worship opportunity – please join us!

A Hero

I am inspired by the life of William Wilberforce. His life’s work ended the slave trade in England, but his life did so much more.

In his book Amazing Grace, Eric Metaxas writes:

“What Wilberforce vanquished was something even worse than slavery, something that was much more fundamental and can hardly be seen from where we stand today: he vanquished the very mind-set that made slavery acceptable and allowed it to survive and thrive for millennia. He destroyed an entire way of seeing the world, one that had held sway from the beginning of history, and he replaced it with another way of seeing the world. Included in the old way of seeing things was the idea that the evil of slavery was good. Wilberforce murdered that old way of seeing things, and so the idea that slavery was good died along with it. Even though slavery continues to exist here and there, the idea that it is good is dead (pp. xv).”

Wilberforce inspires me to work to end the slavery that is our current education system. JN&C exists to financially and ideologically support the launch of John 15 Academy. Contact me if you are interested in learning more about – or supporting – our efforts to build a bright future in education.