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I am a speaker and author working to help people live meaningful and significant lives by learning to choose love over fear.

Fear? You may not think it applies to you. You're independent. Confident. Successful. But if you've ever felt unfulfilled, worried about measuring up, and desired more purpose, you HAVE struggled with fear? 

Surprised? I was too when I discovered the stronghold of fear in my own life. But here's the good news.

You're not alone.

There's a solution. And it's not finding more courage or confidence. It's learning to choose love over fear everyday. I can show you how.

3 Ways to Create a Lifestyle of Love

The truths you need to build a lifestyle of love

I have been researching the psychology of love for years - what unconditional love looks like, how it feels, and what is actually going on in your brain when you actively choose to respond with love instead of fear. And I realized something:

For much of my life, I was held back by fear.

I didn't know it at the time, because I thought I had everything I was supposed to have to feel fulfilled: marriage, kids, a successful career. But as my research started to reveal a new reality, I started to see changes in myself. And I had to share what I was learning.

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For almost 3 years, my husband Doug and I traveled around the country in our airstream teaching, speaking, and learning from people eager for the same life-change we had experienced.  

Along the way, we created John 15 Academy, an online co-learning community to help parents guide their children through a transformational education based on FEARLESS learning.

And the results are amazing!

Every week we hear from families breaking through fear strongholds, learning new ways to communicate, and finding success in homeschool.

Learn more about our work to build schools that teach FEARLESS learning.

And we're not done! Cultures of love don't just exist at home and at school. They need to be in workplaces, communities, and churches, too!

Through a Facebook community and weekly email, we are helping others find freedom by learning that...

Love is Fearless

Through regular emails and our podcast, we provide practical strategies for how to choose love over fear everyday.


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