Airstream with America

Airstream with America

Loving America –

Stay tuned…we’re living the first few weeks of this journey – even as I type these words. Subscribe here!  Watch this page for updates:  coming soon!

Until then, here’s what we know:

  • We want to sit at the table with fellow Americans.
  • We want to listen to your stories; we want to know you.
  • We want to share our story; we want to be known.  (Known is different than famous.)

We wonder:

  • Could we rebuild our great nation, one conversation at a time?
  • Can we learn to talk to each other again?
  • Can we have meals without social media?  Can we rebuild the tradition of connecting face to face?
  • Can we learn together what it means to “love one another”?
  • Can we disagree – and still protect each other?
  • Can our generation save the grand experiment that gave birth to our great nation – by simply our willingness to engage in honest, shame-free conversations?
  • Can we repurpose education in ways that unite us as citizens – and help us learn to trust each other – even when we disagree?

We think it’s worth a try.  We look forward to hearing from you if you think it’s worth a try, too.

We’ve named our Airstream “Freedom;” we’re planning our journey across America – let us know if you’d like to be on our map!

There’s more to this adventure…coming soon…stay tuned!

Airstream Creed –

This video is too beautiful not to share; enjoy! 

Freedom is love.

(by Janet Newberry)

She was the first nation conceived in love instead of war; she’s one of the greatest wonders of the world. Prior to the Declaration of Independence, every other country existed because of a perpetuation of a monarchy – or as the consequence of political rape, created by a radical overthrow. As an infant nation she won a revolution. As a toddler nation, she fought a Civil War. She’s engaged in many battles many times. Love fights for good; love cares for freedom.

America came alive as a fertilized seed of hope: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This trinity of ideas bears the fruit of love. As a grand experiment, our new nation exhaled fresh air; the world inhaled hope. For the first time, the world sighed freedom.

We sometimes forget America is a love story – because it is a messy story. We forget that love is messy; it’s real – and alive. Love doesn’t abandon a mess; love restores order from chaos. Love rebuilds after a fight. Love never finds delight in weakness; love lends strength.

Selfish strength overthrows; it controls. Love lends strength; love offers freedom.

Without freedom, there is no love.

Without love, power is an illusion – a fading fantasy. But love is an unconquerable power – it refuses to fade. Without love, America is an illusion – a fading fantasy. But America is an unconquerable power – she refuses to fade.

America’s DNA is love; her truest identity is love. We are America; our truest identity is love.

As a birthday gift to our great nation, can we remind each other who we really are?

We are a diverse people; diversity can make us beautiful more than aggravated. Can we refocus our eyes to delight in our diversity?

Diversity offers each of us the gift of boundaries; boundaries remind us who we are – and who we’re not. Boundaries offer integrity; integrity is immunity. Without boundaries, we have no immunity; without immunity, we get sick.

When I know who I am – I can love you well; when you know who you are – you can love me well, too. When America knows who she is – she can love well.

Loving well prioritizes protection over selfish power. We are protectors because we are lovers – even when we disagree. Can we refocus our relationships to protect each other’s integrity – instead of shame and destroy each other’s identity?

Arise America – and shine. If we forget who we are, the world will lose a great light.

If we remember who we are, the world can still choose the breath of hope and freedom.

We will remember if we remind each other. Love one another; it’s who we are.

America’s DNA is love; her truest identity is love. We are America.