Happy Birthday John Lynch!

Happy Birthday John Lynch!

Happy Birthday John Lynch!

I know your birthday is really not until Thursday; I’m just thinking it’s not too soon to start celebrating.

I can only imagine that 64 years ago, your mom and dad could’ve had no idea the impact and influence of the life of their little baby boy on our big world.

Doug and I want to be two of the first to say, “Happy Birthday dear friend!  We love you so! Thank you for loving us so well”

In your honor – this list.  Thank you for offering the world so much GRACE!

64 reasons we celebrate you John Lynch!

  1. I’ve never been more sure in my life that God is better than Santa Claus.
  2. “Love one another” is deeply satisfying; “please one another” is what my dog must feel like when he’s chasing his tail.
  3. Trusting God really does attract God’s grace; His grace really is the stuff of miracles.
  4. Impact and influence for good can happen in a million ways, even on a day I’m not perfect.
  5. Relationships of trust are just. plain. beautiful.
  6. Masks stink.  Hiding stinks; it’s really the worst.  Genesis 3:9, “Janet, where are you?” are some of the most precious words in my personal history.
  7. The original good news really does bring freedom…and new life…and hope.  Real. hope.
  8. Love.  Oh, how it heals.
  9. Love.  Maturity fuel.
  10. Grace.  A supernatural antibiotic.
  11. Trust.  A rock, an anchor, and the wind in our sails.
  12. Purpose.  An infinite number of good reasons to get up in the morning.
  13. Friends.  OK, this one comes with a story.  Have we ever told you about the time we sat on the stairs in our home and prayed for friends?  Divorce, masks, unhealed hurts, fear of more hurts had all taken their toll on our “popularity score.”  We didn’t have a good average in the “safe” category.  We treasured each other’s company, but we started thinking it would be fun to have other real friends, too.  And then the room of grace.  Friends.  Precious friends.  I don’t think we’ll soon forget the feeling of belonging we experienced on the big boat and on that beach in the Bahamas.  If you spent even just a few days with us now, you’d get the honor of meeting a sweet and growing list of real friends.  Valuable. real. friends.
  14. Laughter.  Dumb card tricks.  One liners.  Honest sarcasm.  The joy of laughter.
  15. Your hugs.  Not the obligatory, polite kind.  Probably close to whatever a “bear hug” feels like.
  16. A hug with a prayer.  Priceless.
  17. Words of affirmation.  We’re learning a new language in relationship with you John; you’re the best we know at affirmation.
  18. Baseball.  You, too, know that baseball is the greatest sport on the planet.
  19. Dogs.  My Papaw always told me one way to know if a man was trust-worthy was to watch the way he loves his dog.  Enough said.
  20. Humility.  The freedom to ask for help from safe people – and from God.
  21. Fireside chats.  We haven’t (yet!) experienced one of these with you, but we know you love them, too.
  22. Family.  Your deep devotion to your family.
  23. Stacey.  You’re madly in love with your wife.  So refreshing.  Inspiring.
  24. I don’t have a clue how you feel about anything political.  You’re the only person I know that doesn’t avoid social media but somehow resists the urge to jump in the political arena.  I’m ok trusting you care passionately about the world and the United States of America – and that you save those discussions for conversations that don’t happen on a screen.
  25. More right behavior + less wrong behavior will never equal Godliness.
  26. This truth:  “We can never fix our sin by working on it.”  And neither can our children.
  27. Forgiveness; the finished work of the Cross of Christ.  Your hope and ours.
  28. Restoration.  More than just conflict resolution.
  29. The fork in the road; another path.
  30. Real needs in the real me.  Not weakness.
  31. Real needs in you, too – and others.
  32. “Love is a process of meeting needs.”
  33. God is who He says He is.
  34. I am who He says I am.
  35. So are you.
  36. Wine.  The drink of remembrance and relationship.  Pairs nicely with fireside chats.
  37. You go on cruises with friends like Mercy Me, Rusty Kennedy, Tim Timmons…and we can come, too!
  38. You go on cruises with friends like John B., Collette, Steve, Pam, Bruce, Janet, Bill, Grace, John R., Beckie, Vic, Monique, JoMay, Connie, Scott, Stormy,…and we can come, too!
  39. I feel known by you.  Really.
  40. You invite us to good work, “All hands on deck!”
  41. You agree with me – that I’m married to the very best man on the planet.
  42. “Clumsy” and “awkward” are never reasons to be turned away.  I’ve experienced it personally – and I’ve watched you respond to “awkward” in truly holy ways.
  43. Beauty from ashes is your story, too.
  44. Authenticity.
  45. Vulnerability that doesn’t even smell like transparency.
  46. Courage.  The stuff of real heroes.
  47. Chronic pain.  Reality.
  48. The way you have invested your life offers us real riches:  The Cure, Two Roads, The Cure & Parents, On My Worst Day, HTLC, TrueFace…
  49. The gifts you offer us are blessings we get to share with our friends, too.
  50. You are one of the most beautiful – and strong – threads in the sail that will one day be John 15 AcademyDocumenting Grace in Education wouldn’t be happening without you and your closest friends in Arizona.
  51. Pie.  No more words needed for this one.
  52. Ripples of hope.  In our marriage, our home, our family, our community.
  53. Joy.  Our definition is, “It’s good to be me here with you.”
  54. Peace. The words you’ve taught us that God whispers in the storm:  “I’ve got this.  I’ve seen this coming from before the beginning of time.  I’m here.”
  55. Your impact and influence for good in our lives…even on the days you’re not perfect.
  56. This line, “My, my, my…that is a lot of sin.  Don’t you ever sleep?!  We’ll work on it together when you’re ready.”
  57. And this one, “I’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever….punish you.”
  58. Learning from you has made these words seem more real, “I love you, mom.  I know you loved me, too.”
  59. Falling in love with boundaries instead of masks.
  60. My favorite colors are blues and greens.  I never knew before I knew me.
  61. Scott Morrison.  We would’ve never known him without you and TrueFace.
  62. HTLC.  Better than a gym membership for experiencing lasting and life-giving results.
  63. Grace.  Amazing Grace.  I think it’s on this list twice.  Appropriately so.
  64. How ridiculously easy it is to think of 64 reasons to celebrate you, dear friend.  With all our love…



  • Paul Kinney

    Christ in John Lynch

    • Janet

      I so agree Paul…#35!