How can I help?

We imagine a world where children wake up inspired to go to school, feel connected in safe relationships, and return home fulfilled at the end of the day.

We, as an organization, see ourselves as leading a movement to build this world, and we want as many families as possible to build this world at home.

We want homes to be places of connection, inspiration, and integrity so together we can build schools that put relationships first. 

We know we can’t do it alone – which is why we’re looking for as many families as possible to join us.

We know together – there is great hope.


We’re offering a new, online class  —

connect…and reconnect – at home.”

The goals of this class are to offer you a way: 

  • to help your family thrive, not just survive
  • to clarify your vision for your family – and find hope in accomplishing your vision
  • by learning new ideas and practical ways to connect…and reconnect – with your children and those you love – in life-giving ways,  and
  • to connect with others who will help you impact and influence your relationships for good – especially the relationships in your family.

The inaugural class is scheduled to launch Oct. 1, 2017 – and will continue for 40 days.  The class will have 4 modules – that include 8 videos and an extensive participant’s handbook.

There will be a closed FaceBook group dedicated to class discussion – and specifically how the ideas apply to real life.  I will be an active participant in the FaceBook group discussions.

Each module will include a practical application tool.  You will be equipped to try out the new ideas right away – and share both your struggles and your celebrations with the group.  We’ll help each other – and cheer each other on!

As a participating hero in the class, the videos and the FaceBook group will be available to you, even after the class concludes.

Learn more about the class by following this link:

connect…and reconnect – at home