Is Love really a big deal?

Is Love really a big deal?

Is Love really a big deal?
  • Or does it just make life more fun?
  • Is love the “icing” or a key ingredient in the cake?
  • What is love anyway?

May I suggest a new definition? I learned this definition from my friends at

  • Love is a process of meeting needs.

The “needs” part of that definition can give us the most trouble. There was a time when I thought if I met all of your needs, there may be a good chance you might love me – and meet my needs, too. I thought love was like tennis or volleyball. . .my turn. . .your turn. (Repeat).

My turn was never over, because I could never meet all of your needs; it’s not what I’m designed to do. You can’t do that for me either. This can get tricky between husbands and wives; it gets tangled with parents and children, too. Love doesn’t keep score; the motive of my love is about you, not me.

We all wake up every day with real needs – God-given needs. Needs mean we’re alive, not broken. Needs are one way we connect; they’re the way others connect with us, too. Needs are one of the ways we connect to God; that’s been His plan from the beginning because He delights in taking care of us.

Read this part out loud: Love really is a big deal! Love meets our needs.

Life-giving love connections meet our real needs; our growing more mature is evidence of the love we receive. Even when we’re mature, we’ll still have real needs.

Grace is the best kind of life-giving connection; grace is supernatural.

  • Grace is what we can’t earn and don’t deserve.
  • Grace is more than a big deal; it comes from God, melts walls, and resolves issues.
  • Grace can even resolve shame; without shame, life is truly full and free!

We have a choice. We can make life-giving connections or we can keep hiding. We can keep working to deserve love – and never trust grace. We can hide from or deal with shame, or let God resolve it.

One more thing to consider before you choose this offer of grace. . .today it’s free! It’ll be free tomorrow, too. Access your free gift with trust.

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What sturdy wall in your heart makes it hard for you to be loved?