Emotion, personal preference, or truth?

Emotion, personal preference, or truth?

Emotion, personal preference, or truth?

Some call it karma. Some call it sowing and reaping. But most don’t argue with the reality that the fruit of tomorrow comes from the seeds and the gardening processes of today.

The riots of today – and of yesteryear – are full of the fruit of our harvest. It’s interesting that we’re so shocked; I do admit the clarity of the genetic modifications is alarming.

And we are a country that has been sowing genetically modified seeds for many generations. We are planting them in our schools and we are planting them in our churches; they are growing in our homes and communities.

Our homes are splintering because “fake” never survives the way “real” does. Our country is splintering, too.

What are we genetically modifying? Two things:

  • Truth
  • Motivation

The two cannot be separated; what we believe to be true will motivate us. And what motivates us will paint a picture of what we believe to be true.

Our country was founded believing in a great experiment; can we build a country on self-government? Democracy in our country – and in our world – only survives if the citizens of our country are people of self-government.

So what governs us as individuals? One of three choices:

  1. Emotions
  2. Personal preferences
  3. Truth

The United States of America was founded on number 3. We hold these “truths” to be self evident. We can’t type that sentence without including both words: “truths” and “self”.

If I am not a person motivated by truth, I will be governed by one of the other two choices – emotions or personal preferences.

And then, because my emotions and personal preferences may collide with yours – one of us has to lose.

If I decide to fight for my personal preferences – or the right to act based on how I feel – I will be motivated by power. My strategies will include:

  • Shaming you
  • Bullying you
  • Making you pay for my rights – instead of for what is true.
  • Paying you to build my kingdom – and convincing you to be happy because you can survive in it.

The bullying will escalate from emotional harm to physical harm. I’ll fight with you instead of for you; I may even kill you.

Fighting is an important part of democracy – when we are fighting for truth. Fighting kills democracy when we are fighting for personal preferences or to live our lives based on feelings.

People used to be dream of coming to America because it was a land of safety and hope.

Safety only exists in a country built on a foundation of truth – protected by people who fight together for truth – not against each other for personal preferences.

Truth only exists when we stop genetically modifying it. There is a perfect design – and that design really works. But only when one generation gracefully hands down core values in a way that motivates young ones to taste and see that it is good.

You don’t want to hear what I believe if I am shouting at you, making fun of you, or judging you. If you can’t communicate with me in a way that builds trust, I already know we’re not going to be talking about truth.

As a child I need to connect with you based on truth; emotions and personal preferences are too scary. Pleasing you isn’t as important to me as trusting you – think about the motivations of a newborn baby.

When you’re a person I trust, I grow and mature because I let you feed me and lead me. I know that you are for me – and that you will sacrifice to give me access to what I need – even if it’s not yet what I want. I know you will protect me from anything less than truth.

Truth is good for me; it’s good for you, too. Truth is food for our souls and the nutrient necessary for our maturity.

Raised in a country that doesn’t genetically modify truth, I will grow up fighting for you and your rights to live in the freedom of truth, too – or I will grow up and fight against you, justifying my rights to live free to have my personal preferences.

“Lord, have mercy. And God please bless our fading United States of America imagewith your amazing grace. We don’t deserve it, that’s why You call it grace. Let real freedom ring again – for the children’s sake.”

We believe there is hope; we will plant hope in education when we build John 15 Academy.  Read more about our dream on the ABOUT page of http://janetnewberry.com/. Share your hopes for truth and freedom as a comment; I look forward to hearing your dreams.

  • Donna

    Janet, what most people forget to remember is that there is no such thing as “neutral seed”. We all make a choice everyday, all day. Choices are intentional. May truth win and lead us, not our emotions and or our personal preferences.

    • Janet

      I agree with you – so many ideas to wrestle with in this post. Even “good” seeds can have ill-effects, dependent on the perceived (or real) motivation.
      A thought about choices – many choices we make every day are UNintentional; that’s the power of habit. As adults, we give great gifts to young persons when we lend them strength to develop good habits.

      • Donna


        • Donna

          Power of habit is very important and actually this is encouraging because our habits can be changed.

          • Janet

            So much hope in this, I agree! One of my best friends is Charlotte Mason; she died in 1923 – but I know her well from her books. “Intentional training in habits” is one of her great contributions to educational philosophy.