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Thanks for taking the stress assessment.

Do you agree with your results? You may be surprised to discover you don’t need new ways to handle stress. You need a new lens for looking at your stress.


Stress comes when we are striving... striving to please someone (a spouse or a boss), striving to be or do better, striving to find significance, striving for perfection. But life is not about perfection, it’s about connection. When you choose to connect, you choose love. Love unites. Love builds relationships of trust. Love tells us the truth. When you live in truth, there is no fear of what will happen if you don't achieve. You don't need to strive.

Are you ready to connect?

3 Practical Helps for Living Free of Stress and Fear

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Subscribe and listen to the weekly LOVE IS FEARLESS podcast, our most popular FREE resource. Here’s why: Most people don’t realize it’s possible to live a life without fear, a life where love removes anxiety and anger and shame, from every conversation, every challenge, every decision.  This is a life of FREEDOM!


Join us on our podcast, where we’ll offer practical advice that will empower you to bravely choose love every day.  Together, we can change the world--YOUR world.

Join the LOVE IS FEARLESS cause and receive our Sunday emails. The weekly email will provide you with: 

  • One inspiring and useful idea about choosing love, instead of fear.

  • A weekly “Keep CHOOSING LOVE” challenge to help you practically try out the new idea. 

  • A language trade suggestion. Every week, you’ll learn how to speak a phrase or a question in the language of love, instead of fear.

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Join the LOVE IS FEARLESS Facebook group.  You can connect with me and others in the group who have joined the LOVE IS FEARLESS cause.  The group is created to be a place for the LOVE IS FEARLESS community from around the world to gather, learn together, share questions, and share encouragement about how love is changing the world--one story at a time.

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