He “took off and flew!”

He “took off and flew!”

As a mother of a child who has always struggled in the world of academia, more than once I have felt hopeless. Professionals diagnosed our son with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD at the age of twelve. We aggressively pursued many avenues of help for the challenges that Isaiah faced along his educational journey. All… Continue Reading

“Life-giving and life-changing”

If we could impart anything to parents seeking a nurturing educational environment, Janet Newberry and her work are an answer to their prayers. Our son, Colton, was diagnosed at an early age with PDD, which is classified on the autism spectrum. By age five, Colton struggled to hold a pencil, process and perform a series… Continue Reading

A Year of Healing

Our experience with Janet Newberry and the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education was amazing and proved to be a year of healing for our 11-year-old daughter, Moriah. She had been weighed down with anxiety in a traditional school environment and as a result had begun to doubt her intelligence and worth. She believed she could… Continue Reading

“the environment felt safe”

Our experience with Janet was amazing because, prior to working with her, my son was feeling ashamed and stuck with his academics. During their times together, our son began to see his potential – we believe because the environment felt safe and he was embraced by love. As his trust grew, he began to feel… Continue Reading