He “took off and flew!”

He “took off and flew!”

map-reading-1432773-1280x960As a mother of a child who has always struggled in the world of academia, more than once I have felt hopeless. Professionals diagnosed our son with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD at the age of twelve.

We aggressively pursued many avenues of help for the challenges that Isaiah faced along his educational journey. All of them helped somewhat and are a part of his story. We are grateful.

However, reading continued to be such a struggle for Isaiah. He loved books and would listen to them constantly, but sitting down to read a book took too much energy and left him feeling discouraged and disappointed in himself.

Janet entered Isaiah’s life when he was a sophomore in high school. She carefully removed the labels that had been attached to Isaiah and began to encourage him that, yes – he can read on his own. Within a few weeks Isaiah was able to read more steadily and without halting. By the end of their time together he “took off and flew!” as Janet accurately described it.

Indeed, he has taken off. Today Isaiah is a senior at Paschal High School. He’s a great student, getting A’s and B’s and a few C’s. But what I think is most beautiful is finding his bent head over a book.

Labels may aid us in finding a starting place to address a given issue, but labels do not define the destiny of a child. Their removal is necessary as well as a child knowing the truth – that they bear the image of the Creator and He makes all things new.